Crook County Cemetery District

Servicing your cemeteries for over 100 years

The Crook County Cemetery District was founded in 1955. Al Bidiman is the current sextant. The largest cemetery in Crook County is Juniper Haven which has its first marked burial in 1870. There may be others that are earlier, which are unmarked. Juniper Haven Cemetery and the Crook County Cemetery District are located on the north side of Prineville on Main Street, at the top of a hill overlooking the Ochoco Valley. Information on each cemetery that is serviced by the district is located at the right.

Cemeteries that are under the jurisdiction of the cemetery district are:

Juniper Haven
Powell Butte/Pilgrims Rest
Beaver Creek/Paulina

Who to contact for lookups

First, check out Find A Grave If they don't have your information an a picture then, contact the Cemetery District by emailing (highlight, then copy email addreeeeess)

Juniper Haven Pioneer Cemetery Entrance

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